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New shower


Poptávka: New shower
Aktualizována: 19.06.2020
PSČ: 17000 (Praha)
Popis zakázky:
I found out a stain on my wall between my bedroom and my bathroom . By taking measurements I found that it comes from the shower.

When removing the metal piece the silicon was moving between the drainage outlet ( there water goes away) and the ceramic.

And also I could see there was some water under. So I used some toilet paper and I found out a lot of water in coming from under the shower. I used a lot towel paper but still there is a lot of water.
It looks like the company who made the shower 3 years ago did not do it right way.
Now I am not using the shower already 4 days and someone must come as soon as possible.
There is nothing at the neighbor but we never know if the water will come at this place in few months. Please let me know
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